Lysozyme 100,000 U/mg (1 g)(backordered)

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Lysozyme (from chicken egg white)

CAS Number: 12650-88-3            Conc: 100000 units/mg           


This enzyme breaks down the cell walls of bacteria and are used to prepare spheroplasts. Suitable for the hydrolysis of bacterial cell walls, chitin, mucopolysaccharides or mucopolypeptides; degradability of L. lactis subsp. cremoris H2 cell walls. The enzyme is active over a broad pH range (6.0 to 9.0). At pH 6.2, maximal activity is observed over a wider range of ionic strengths (0.02 to 0.100 M) than at pH 9.2 (0.01 to 0.06 M).

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20 mg Lysozyme-100,000 units/mg (LY0020) --- 15.00 USD
100 mg Lysozyme-100,000 units/mg (LY0100) --- 25.00 USD
500 mg Lysozyme-100,000 units/mg (LY0500) --- 75.00 USD
1 g Lysozyme-100,000 units/mg (LY1000) --- 110.00 USD

Store at 2-8°C
For research use only

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