FB One-Step RT-PCR (50 rxn)

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FB One-Step RT-PCR

Cat. No. OS0050                      
 Size:  50 reactions 


The One-Step RT-PCR system is designed for carrying out convenient, sensitive, and reproducible detection and analysis of RNA molecules by RT-PCR. Components for both cDNA synthesis and PCR are combined in a single tube, using gene-specific primers and target RNAs from either total RNA or mRNA. Reverse transcription automatically follows PCR cycling without additional steps. The system consists of two major components: RT/ HotStar Taq Mix and 2X Reaction Mix. The RT/ HotStar Taq Mix contains a mixture of Reverse Transcriptase and HotStar Taq DNA Polymerase for optimal cDNA synthesis and PCR amplification. The 2X Reaction Mix consists of a proprietary buffer system optimized for reverse transcription and PCR amplification, Mg2+ optimized for universal use,deoxyribonucleotide triphosphates, and stabilizers.

Components (50-rxn kit)

  • RT/ HotStar Taq Mix--50 μl
  • 50 mM Magnesium Sulfate--200 μl
  • 2X Reaction Mix (contain 0.4 mM of each dNTP, 6 mM MgSO4)--1.25 ml

Store at -20°C
For research use only

  • Convenient and Sensitive Detection/Analysis of RNA Molecules by RT-PCR
  • Combines Reverse Transcriptase and  HotStar Taq
  • Optimal cDNA Synthesis and PCR Amplification in one Single Reaction

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