T4 DNA Ligase (100 rxn)

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T4 DNA Ligase

Cat. No. TL0100                              Size: 100 units
Conc. 1 U/ml                                   


T4 DNA Ligase can be used to join DNA fragments with staggered or blunt ends and to repair nicks in double- stranded DNA having 3’-hydroxyl and 5’-phosphate ends.


T4 DNA Ligase and 5X DNA Ligase Reaction Buffer

Unit Definition

One (Weiss) unit catalyzes the exchange of 1 nmol 32PPi into [γ/β-32P]ATP in 20 minutes at 37°C.

Note: T4 DNA Ligase is unstable on ice for long periods. Therefore, FairBiotech recommends the enzyme be kept at -20°C until within 5-10 minutes of use and returned IMMEDIATELY to -20°C after use.

Store at -20°C
For research use only

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