SuperCut Universal Multiple Digestions Buffer (10 ml)

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SuperCut Universal Multiple Digestions Buffer


SuperCut Universal Multiple Digestion Buffer is a Tris/BSA based universal restriction enzyme digestion buffer, It provides an optimal conditions for commercial available restriction enzymes mostly used in the gene cloning. High efficiency for restriction analysis can be demonstrated both at single and multiple digestions.

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500 μl Super Cut-Buffer  (SB000S) --- 40.00 USD
1 ml 
Super Cut-Buffer  (SB0001) --- 70.00 USD
5 ml Super Cut-Buffer  (SB0005) --- 300.00 USD
 10 ml Super Cut-Buffer  (SB0010) --- 500.00 USD

yes   Convenient and economical
yes   100% efficiency for single & multiple digestions
yes   Double digestion using Super Cut-Buffer can be completed in 1 hour

Instructions for use
Super Cut-Buffer is 10X concentrated. Simply add a 1/10 volume to the final reaction mixture. Additional BSA is not required.

Example (total reaction volume 30 μl )  
  DNA                                                   1 μg 
  Restriction Enzyme                      1 unit
  Super Cut-Buffer                              3 μl
  Sterilized distilled water  up to    30 μl
  Incubate at 37℃ for 1 hour

Stable a -20ºC for 1 year without freeze and thaw
For research use only

Test Data

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