MMLV First-strand cDNA Synthesis Kit (50 rxn)

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MMLV First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit

Cat. No. MV0050                       Size: 50 reactions


The MMLV first strand cDNA synthesis kit synthesizes cDNA from ss RNA or ss DNA with as little as 1-5 ng total RNA or 1 – 500 ng mRNA as starting materials.  It uses TaqMan probe for Detection.

Components (50-rxn kit)

  • MMLV Reverse Transcriptase (200U/μl)--50 μl
  • Oligo (dT)20 (50 mM)--50 μl
  • dTT (0.1 M)--500 μl
  • Random hexamers (50 ng/μl)--250 μl
  • dNTP mix (10 mM)--250 μl
  • 5X DNA Ligase Reaction Buffer--1 ml

Store at -20°C.
For research use only.

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